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Lilly and Fifi take their job protecting their farm very seriously. Big, loud and strong, they intimidate predators from getting too close to our birds. Despite this, they can be your best friends with proper introduction and constant pats..


Weed Control

Our goats are in charge of eradicating the invasive plant species on the property, They eat everything.

Usually hanging out behind the bungalow, they will greet you at your car and jump in if you leave the door open.


All rounders

These guys can do it all

PHOTO-2023-05-25-21-20-29 (1).jpg

Lawn Management

Lucy, Charlie and Teddy are our 3 hardest workers and most prolific eaters.. All rescued from dairy farms in the area and bottle fed by us to become the gentle giants they are today. You will often see them staring at you with a few blades of grass hanging out of their mouth. 

Weighing in at half a ton, watch your feet around them.


Clean up Crew

Under your feet at all times, our chickens come from all over. Some rescued and some have hatched here in our hands. They spend all day sifting through dirt, eating insects and pooing all over the deck.

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