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Our journey

Our names are Josh and Sima, ex-city slickers turned country stargazers, hopelessly finding our feet against all the obstacles farm life keeps throwing at us. Tarra Valley is one of few temperate rainforest areas in Victoria, which means lush forest and lots of amazing soil to grow veggies. It also means, storms, flooding, and slipping in mud and falling on your ass every other day. Of course, we got our moving truck bogged on the first night we arrived here, in true amateur fashion. But the area is untouched and wild, making it peaceful and quiet and we hope you love it, like we do. 


Josh has worked in tourism for several years and always dreamt of opening his own guesthouse, whilst Sima has been obsessed with animals since birth. We know what its like to want to escape the hustle and bustle of Melbourne and enjoy a walk amongst stunning ferns and towering mountain ash trees, getting a real sense of serenity.   We wanted to create a warm, cosy space where you can enjoy some animal therapy and leave feeling well rested.  We opened our first bungalow in June 2021 and have just finished our second, larger guesthouse to cater for groups of friends and families.

We love wildlife and animals and aspire to be as sustainable as possible. In our first year we planted 100 eucalyptus trees in hopes to restore some habitat for our resident koala who you'll probably hear bellowing his heart out during mating season. You may see some of our remaining baby trees around the farm surrounded by our state of the art three tier defence system, to protect them from the goats. We're a foster station for the rescue organisation Til the Cows Come Home and we welcome guests to join bottle feeding bobby calves when we have them. They are with us until the organisation finds forever homes for them.  

We love hosting guests and if you love nature we're sure you'll love Tarra Bulga National Park. Our farmstay and tours welcome guests of all ages, and we encourage adults to get amongst the animals just as much as kids.

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